Bussola Creazioni is a project of Marisa Liuzzi, a 32 years old maker from Acquaviva delle Fonti, a small Apulian town in the south of Italy. After her studies in History of Arts she started creating accessories and jewelry inspirated from nature but, above all, from it’s simplification passing through experimentation with materials, colors and shapes without an order. So “Bussola”(Compass) has become the name of her project : a word so sweetly connected with free and casual explorations, without established trails, but in constant discovery, as in an adventurous and free trip. In the same way the logo was born:a crane does nothing more than fly between imagination and different cultures.

Bussola Creazioni is, in fact, a different way to interpret textile accessories combining tradition with modernity, recycling with technology, juxtaposing Japanese traditional kimono’s fabric, recovery cords and lasercut plexiglass. Each item is one of a kind, just as every person is, and meets the need of everyone to be unique and is the result of digital design and craft production. The main popular products are jewelry and accessories with silk chirimen japanese cords, climbing cords and plexiglass lasercut with original drawings and they meet the tastes of those who want to travel and to imagine somewhere new with accessories, as if they were a sort of talisman.